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About Us

LearnCollab empowers schools and learning communities with the research, counsel, and the innovative structures they need to navigate education sector disruption. Our WHY is to ensure that independent education options are available for all that seek them. We serve and innovate via a collaborative tribe of associates, independent consultants, and resource providers.


We believe in independent education. Independent schools and learning communities build character as well as confidence, and for generations have prepared many of our most impactful business, social, and political leaders. Every community needs independent school options, but maybe not quite as many as it has had in the past. LearnCollab helps school leaders remember that their true allegiance is to the mission and the children, not the bricks or the name on the sign, and uses a focus on that mission to map a path for the learning community and values to evolve and continue. We have confidence that independent education will thrive as, in any healthy ecosystem, learning communities collaborate, combine, and reinvent themselves.

North Star

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