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About Us

LearnCollab grew out of insights from consulting work by Tew & Associates with independent schools on financial and enrollment sustainability. Chad Tew’s research, published in a 2013 NBOA Net Assets article, provided one of the earliest predictions of enrollment struggles and raised the specter of increased school mergers and closures.


In a Fall 2019 NBOA publication Chad writes, “Mergers and acquisitions are a cornerstone of business success. A constant refrain throughout my career, from teaching entrepreneurship at UCLA to founding and growing independent schools to judging new venture seed competitions is that many organizational objectives are achieved through sustainable growth. When an organization reaches market saturation, its leaders go looking for new markets. When demand dries up or a competitor undercuts you on price, you innovate and reconnect with market demand at a competitive price.“ This perspective and passion to help schools innovate was a leading force in the creation of LearnCollab.


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