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Education Innovators Announce Global Alliance


Photo: EnRusk's Dr. Kynan Robinson (left) and LearnCollab's Chad Tew (right) map their collaboration at an August retreat in La Jolla, California.

EnRusk and LearnCollab announced an alliance in August 2020, through which the two leading consulting firms will collaborate to help educators and association leaders navigate disruptive change and position their organizations to build a better world.  

EnRusk is a global consultancy company that helps organizations connect and learn to create the change they need and want.  Led by Dr. Kynan Robinson, EnRusk is actively working with clients in Australia, Europe, and America, where work includes designing strategic growth and training experiences for schools and associations. Kynan Robinson is a true renaissance man who is a musician and composer, learning and technology educator, former executive at New Era and NoTosh, and the driving force that makes EnRusk always think big and create together.

LearnCollab provides learning communities with a platform and tools to explore program collaboration and co-ventures and is the leading US advisor on school mergers and acquisitions.  Chad Tew, LearnCollab’s Founder and Chief Disruption Navigator, orchestrates a tribe of independent experts and consultants that help organizations ensure their mission and financial sustainability. Chad Tew is an education polymath, with former roles as UCLA instructor and administrator, high school economics teacher, and K-12 school co-founder, trustee, CFO, strategic planner, and consultant.

Enrusk and LearnCollab are launching collaborative projects that will span three continents and include reciprocal offering of complimentary services, joint keynotes and programs featuring Kynan and Chad, and potential co-ventures.  In a highly generative recent retreat, leaders pledged mutual support in developing unique solutions for and partnerships with innovative organizations in the education and healthcare sectors.  Robinson’s broad vision and international scope are perfectly matched with Tew’s operations and CFO acumen to pave the path for growth and a successful collaboration.   

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