LearnCollab® is a 21st century, technology-enabled network of learning resources and experts.  Independent consultants and advisors work individually or on project-specific teams, providing optimal solutions to schools and learning communities.  


LearnCollab's Mastermind Advisory Group is an informal, non-fiduciary constellation of luminaries who think deeply about the future of education.  The Advisory Group provides the LearnCollab network with insights and a sounding board for new ideas and success hacks to empower learners within the evolving ecosystem of education. 

LearnCollab® founder Chad Tew helps school leaders consider co-programming, partnerships, and mergers to achieve their mission and is driving creation of the LearnCollab platform to network learners with resources ... 

Chad Tew

Americus Reed





Advisory Group member Americus Reed is the Whitney M. Young Jr. professor of marketing at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. Americus Reed II independently advises and consults with LearnCollab as our go-to brand identity expert.  



Advisory Group member Mike Murphy is the former Global CEO of Mars, Inc., one of the largest privately-held companies in the world.  Mike is a business and leadership coach, longtime independent school trustee, and lists his current occupation as Retired Capitalist... 

Mike Murphy

Alisa Evans



Alisa Evans and Mission Enrollment independently advises and consults with LearnCollab as our expert Financial Aid processing affiliate.  Alisa has spent almost 20 years working with independent schools and higher education institutions on programs and tools designed to provide every child with an equal opportunity to receive an excellent education. 

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